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West Coast Equine Spa

"Treat.  Prevent."

West Coast Equine Spa is a first-class equine therapy facility that offers premium care and top of the line equipment.

We are committed to physical and mental health and wellness and offer a wide range of preventive maintenance and rehabilitation therapies for equine athletes.

Our team is dedicated to preserving the soundness and fitness of your equine athlete, and we can help to rehabilitate issues such as sprains, strains, bruising, joint problems, lacerations, infections and wounds, sore shins, hoof abscesses, laminitis, and more.

Spa Services Include:

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West Coast Equine Spa

Owner & FounderPenelope Broad

Spa TechnicianMelissa Birchard

Phone:  604-868-5100

Email:  westcoastequinespa@gmail.com

Website:  www.westcoastequinespa.com

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